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This poker room does not allow USA players.

PokerBonuses TigerGaming Sign-Up Bonus

100% up to $2,500

Bonus Code: NEWTG

Features: Receive a 100% up to $2500 bonus on your first deposit. You must use bonus code NEWTG when signing up. $5 of bonus money is earned for every 1500 Comp Points accumulated. Bonus expires after 60 days.

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Room Info

Since 1999, TigerGaming.com has offered great poker action, featuring the highest standards of fairness, security and privacy.  They also offer an unheard of 24-hour payout guarantee*. At the Tiger tables, you’ll go up against players from around the world who enjoy poker as much as you do.

The TigerGaming.com poker room and casino forms part of the Chico Poker Network, and is owned and operated by Action Commerce Limited., licensed in Curaçao.

For our USA Players, be sure to check out TigerGaming's sister site - BetOnline - which is also part of the Chico Poker Network and accepts players from the United States.


Bonus Details

100% up to $2500 when using PokerBonuses exclusive bonus code NEWTG when you sign up.

The bonus is earned at a rate of $5 for every 1500 Comp Points.


Comp points or VIP Points are earned by contributing to real money raked hands and buying in to tournaments.

Raked Hands: For every cent that you contribute to the rake, you'll earn 1 COMP Point at BetOnline Poker.

Tournament Play: For every $1 you pay in tournament fees, you will earn 100 COMP Points. Tournament COMP is calculated in $1 increments (rounded down). In order to earn COMP from tournaments the fee must equal or exceed $1.

You can view your current COMP/VIP points balance in the top right of your poker software.

Percentage of tournament rake refunded when clearing the bonus: 33%

Note: Players have to send an e-mail including the bonus code NEWTG when requesting the welcome bonus, instead of adding the code at deposit. The contact e-mail for this is bonuses@tigergaming.com – once a request is received from a player, the Customer Support Team will endeavor to credit your bonus as quickly as possible. 


Other Benefits

24-Hour Payout Guarantee or Double Your Money!

As per the TigerGaming.com T&C's:

  • If a player does not receive the payout within this guaranteed time, the player will receive the same amount as their withdrawal paid into their e-wallet (only applicable for Skrill, Neteller or EcoPayz).
  • The 24 hour guarantee is only applicable if the player deposits and cashes out via the same method (either Skrill, Neteller or EcoPayz).
  • If a player has deposited via any other method the processing time for payouts will be at least 72 hours.
  • The 24 hour guarantee is only applicable Monday-Friday and no withdrawals will be processed between 16:00 [GMT+2] on Fridays and 08:00 [GMT+2] on Mondays.
  • A player can request one free cash out per 30 days. There will be a fee on additional cash outs of 1% of the withdrawal amount. Max cash out amount: $5,000 per 7 days, up to $15,000 per 30 days.
  • In order to qualify for the 24 hours guaranteed payout, full verification documents (ID, proof of address etc) needs to be on file and approved. The 24 hour countdown begins immediately after approval.


Player Restrictions

TigerGaming.com does not accept players from the USA, Turkey or South Africa.

Players may only obtain one first deposit bonus offer on the Chico Poker Network.



TigerGaming.com has 24/7 support available for the varying needs of any customer. They’ll answer your questions promptly and give you all the help you need regarding the use of the gaming software. They are even available for a live chat during normal business hours.

You can also browse their FAQ for answers to the most commonly asked questions.


Game Features

TigerGaming.com are proud to offer a wide variety of tournaments that will appeal to a variety of users. From heads up tournaments for players with little time, to the larger multi-stage tournaments that can span weeks. Regardless of the type of tournament you wish to play in, rest assured TigerGaming.com has it.

Tournaments are currently available 24 hours a day.

For cash game players, Texas Hold'em, also known simply as Hold'em, this variation of 7-Card Stud is becoming the most popular poker game in the world. No Limit and Pot Limit Hold'em are also available widely at TigerGaming.com.

The software has access to some more poker games, like Pan, Guts Poker, the unique Chinese Poker and Big 2 Poker – so all the more reason to download and play with the best community of poker players online!


Software Features

Integrity / Security

Nothing is more important to TigerGaming.com than integrity and security. Players trust their funds are protected, and TigerGaming.com strive to ensure that all their games are 100% trustworthy, secure from both outside interference and irregularities during play.

TigerGaming.com has set the standard for speed and integrity when it comes to cashing out. They process payouts in a prompt manner.



When you log on, secure online e-cash systems handle your credit card, using multiple layers of encryption. (See Randomness and Shuffling below.) Complex algorithms ensure that no online transactions can be diverted, intercepted or used for purposes other than those you approve.



Hacking is a major concern for any online business, and TigerGaming.com have taken all necessary steps to ensure that their games are immune to interference. Any hacker who attempts to gain an advantage by intercepting packets will be thwarted by sophisticated security measures, including 128-bit SSL encryption. Security on all games is at the same level used by all major financial institutions. TigerGaming.com secures your credit card information, personal information, game records, current hand and actions on the table.

Software is structured so that no other player can intercept any meaningful data from your computer. All game logic decisions, such as shuffling, are made on secure servers at a remote location, protected by both hardware and software security systems.



Collusion is always a concern to players, whether online or in physical poker rooms. It’s defined as multiple players working together, revealing hands to one another and making mutually beneficial decisions at the expense of others. Collusion is not only forbidden at TigerGaming.com, but results in an immediate lifetime ban and forfeiture of all cash in a colluder's account.

As a safeguard against collusion, TigerGaming.com employs sophisticated tracking algorithms. Our software tracks betting patterns as they relate to players’ relative hand strength over a long period, cross-referencing this information with that obtained from the other players at the table. Patterns may emerge that indicate possible collusion, and action will be taken.

Players can always see their own records in a modified version of the software we use to track every game.


Randomness and Shuffling

TigerGaming.com uses 2 state-of-the-art algorithms for generating random numbers. A primary random number generator (RNG) draws its random numbers from a period of 219937 – 1 (a number with 6,001 digits, which is trillions of times greater than the number of atoms in the observable universe.) This gives it a much higher order of “equidistribution” (evenly distributed results) than any other implemented generator.

No other random number generator (RNG) combines statistical soundness and speed quite like TigerGaming.com’s. Statistically random in all its output, it guarantees speedy play and practically perfect randomness. TigerGaming.com also use a secondary generator which operates twice as quickly, through avoidance of synchronization, and method inlining and finalizing. By using the best aspects of both RNG’s, TigerGaming.com commits to speedy and fair play in all its games.