Carbon Poker Bonus Code

This poker room is USA player friendly.

Carbon Poker Sign-up Bonus

200% up to $5,000

Bonus Code: CARBONPK

Features: 200% up to $5,000 on first deposit amount. Players must use referral code CARBONPK when creating your account. Must accumulate 150 VIPs for each $1 in bonus money. Bonus is released in increments of $5. Bonus only expires if a withdrawal is made.

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Room Info

Carbon Poker was the initial poker room created under the Merge Poker Network from the old management in early 2007. It is a small-medium sized room with around 420 real money cash game players on a good day. The players of the site are mostly of the lower end skill level playing loosely. The graphics of the room are very crisp and they have a very user-friendly filter, easy enough for anyone to get where they want to go.

Carbon Poker is the flagship site for the Merge Poker Network. They continue to look for ways to improve their site and bring more players to their network. If you enjoy playing on Carbon Poker, you should also check out PlayersOnly, which is a skin of the Merge Poker Network.

The Merge Poker Network offer competitive poker bonuses and other great promotions as well. Check out our summary of Carbon Poker's bonus and their other offers. We are sure you will find our information regarding their poker bonus very informative. 

Carbon Poker is a USA friendly poker room.*


Bonus Details

Sign-up bonus of 200% up to $5,000 when using bonus code CARBONPK upon intial deposit. 

Players must earn 150 VIP points for each $1 of bonus.

Each $1 in contributed rake earns you 10 VIP points. Therefore, players will need to contribute $15.00 in rake for every $1 in bonus they unlock, or $75.00 in rake for every $5 increment they receive.

The bonus adds an extra 6.5% cashback while you are unlocking it. 


Other Benefits

Bad Beat Jackpot

Stop paying for your own bad beat jackpot! At CarbonPoker, they put up all of the Bad Beat Jackpot money up themselves. The pot is 100% funded by CarbonPoker. No player pots are used for the jackpot. There will be a rolling jackpot on all tables to keep you informed of where the BBJ stands.

In addition, Carbon have recently lowered the requirements of the bad beat to Four of a Kind (22223) and applied it to all 6-Max and Full Ring No Limit Texas Hold’em real money tables, making it more frequent to players on more tables. Lose with a four of a kind or higher? That wins a Bad Beat Jackpot.

Once the jackpot has been hit, every player at the table will win a share of the jackpot with the player holding the losing hand winning the biggest percentage.


Player Restrictions

*The Merge Network accepts players from around the world including the USA, but is currently not accepting accounts from New York, Washington, Maryland, Missouri, DC, Louisiana, Kentucky, Utah, Nevada, New Jersey or Delaware.

The Merge Network also does not currently accept new players from the following countries and states: Romania, Russia, Latvia, Bulgaria, France, Costa Rica, Finland, Sweden, Hungary, Czech Republic, Netherlands, Slovakia and Belgium.

Players may have multiple accounts on the Merge Gaming Network. However, customer service has informed us that players may only take advantage of one of the site bonuses. The exception to this is if you have been inactive on the Merge Network for at least 60 days.



Carbon Poker has a good email support system set up to respond to emails within the hour of which a player will send it. No phone support is available, but their FAQ on their website seems very helpful with the most problems. Registered players will also be able to take advantage of a live chat feature accessible via in the Player Admin section in the client.


Game Features

Carbon Poker has many games to choose from, both standard and hard to find. They feature Limit Hold’em tables up to $50/100, and Pot Limit and No Limit to $25/50 with most of the action at the NL tables.

Their Omaha tables go all the way up to $30/60, but seem to be lacking in player participation at the higher limits. As for 7 card (and Hi/Lo), Razz and 5 card, each offer 8 player tables with all but 5 card offering its highest stakes at $25/50. Carbon also offers a wide assortment of 5 Card Draw, Triple Draw, and Badugi.

Carbon Poker recently rolled out a software update that includes changes and improvements to sit and go tournaments at the online poker site, including the addition of 18- and 45-player turbo SNGs, as well as the elimination of breaks from all sit and go’s.

Tournament names and buy-in levels have been simplified and standardized across the site. Carbon says the changes will clean up the appearance of the lobby, and be a little easier on the eyes. Tournament descriptions will provide clear and consistent information such as buy-in, starting stacks, and level length.

The buy-in levels will be $0.11, $1.10, $2.20, $5.50, $11, $22, $33, $60, $109, $215, $530 and $1,050.

Players can now enter any SNG tournament with a coupon or VIP points.

Non-Texas Holdem offerings have been reduced to full ring, turbo PLO8 games. Some 1-Table and Heads Up variants that used to offer both full ring and 6-max, have now been consolidated to one or the other.


Software Features

Perhaps their most eye-catching feature is Carbon Poker’s Software. The graphics are very easy on the eyes with the lobby offering a very interactive tab system to choose your table. A nice feature Carbon Poker gives its players is the option to “Rabbit Hole” the hand in order to show one or both of your cards when you are the last to fold.

The only downfall of this beautiful software is its use of computer RAM. Having more than one table open will cost around 120MB, but this can easily be customized under the Settings tab in the lobby. There is also an automatic setting that will disable animations if your system memory starts to run slowly. This can also be changed in the Settings tab.