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This room is USA player friendly.

PokerBonuses Exclusive BlackChip Poker Sign-Up Bonus

100% up to $1,000

Bonus Code: No bonus code required

Features: 100% up to $1,000. Players also receive 27% rakeback automatically when signing up with our links. You must earn 27.5 Award Points for each $1 in bonus money. Bonus releases in $10 increments. Bonus expires after 60 days.

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Room Info

BlackChip Poker moved to the Winning Network (previously known as the Yatahay network) in November 2012. 

You can enjoy playing on BlackChip Poker by downloading the full version for PC, or if you use a Mac, you can use their no download version.

The Winning Network is proud to welcome players from around the world including the USA. 

PokerBonuses also offers a similar bonus from Americas Cardroom who are also part of the Winning Network.


Bonus Details

PokerBonuses exclusive bonus of 100% up to $1,000 PLUS 27% rakeback upon registration.

Rakeback: 27% Rakeback is paid directly to your account every Wednesday.  The rakeback reporting tool is located in the “Rewards” tab within the Poker Lobby.

Rake: Rakeback is based on the contributed method.

Bonus is not deducted from rakeback.

The bonus clears at a rate of $1 for every 27.5 Award Points earned.

Bonus is released in increments of $10, so every 275 Award Points earned releases a $10 payment.

Bonuse expires after 60 days.

In all BlackChip Poker tournaments, players will earn 5.5 Award Points for every $1 paid in tournament fees. For example, let’s say you are playing an online poker tournament that costs $10+1 to get into. $10 goes to the prize pool and $1 is the entry fee. The $10 in the tournament does not count for calculating your Award Points. For tournaments, we only look at the fee associated with the buy-in. In this example, that is $1, and as you are awarded 5.5 BPs for every $1 in fees paid, you will earn 5.5 Award Points.

Should the buy-in be less than $1, you are still earning. You will earn fractional Award Points, too. For example, in a real-money SnG with a $5+0.50 buy-in, you will earn 2.75 BPs (5.5 / 2 = 2.75 Award Points).

In BlackChip Poker cash games, Benefit Points are earned in each and every hand that a rake is taken, whether or not you are actively involved in the pot.

Award Points are awarded at a rate of 5.5 Award Points for each $1 in rake collected. The total number of Points is divided evenly among all hand participants. So if nine players get a total of $3 in rake, 16.5 Points are then divided among the nine players. That is 1.83 Points earned per player (16.5/9 = 1.83 Points).

Here is an Example:

At a 9-handed full ring table, everybody folds except for 3 players (A, B and C) who see the flop, each paying $10 pre-flop.

Player A goes all-in on the flop for another $35. B folds and C calls the $35.

The total pot size is now $100. At the end of the hand $3 rake gets taken from the pot.

When using the dealt method, this would mean that all 9 players at the table get credited 1.83 Award Points each, $3 x 5.5 / 9 = 1.83 Points.

Award Points will be credited at the end of a hand. That means if you leave a table before the hand is completed, you risk forfeiting the Points for that hand. To make sure you are paid the Points you deserve, click “Sit Out”, and wait until the start of the next hand before leaving the table.

BlackChip Poker utilizes the dealt rake method as opposed to the contributed rake method in order to calculate how many points you earn each hand. Essentially, every hand you are dealt at a real money ring game, whether you contribute money or not to the pot, you receive Award Points.


Other Benefits


Player points and Award Points are two distinctly different things at Black Chip Poker.

Benefit Points accumulation determines your Player Level in Elite Benefits. Award Points are earned simultaneously to your Benefit Points depending upon what level you’ve attained in our Benefits Program. The more you play, the higher the Benefit point multiplier is rewarded to you. Award Points are a redeemable currency that can be spent at the BlackChip Poker store.

How to earn Benefit Points:

You can earn benefit points simply by playing any real money tournament or cash game on BlackChip poker. For every game in which a fee is paid or a rake is taken, you will receive Benefit points.

The amount of Player Points Earned Depends on your Elite Status:

Players can earn up to 3.5 Player Points for every one Benefit Point Earned. The more volume of hands that you play, the higher your points multiplier. Dedication to playing more in the beginning can lead to bigger rewards and easier point accumulation in the end.

Please refer to the chart below that explains the different point multipliers dependent upon monthly player level.

Monthly Player Levels:

Level Monthly BPs Required PPs per BP
ROUNDER 750 1.5
GRINDER  3,000 2
VETERAN 7,500 2.5


Yearly Player Levels:

VIP Level Yearly BPs Required PPs per BP
LEGEND 100,000 3.5
ICON 1,000,000 5


Dealt Rake Method

Here are a couple of examples which demonstrate the benefits of the dealt rake method.

A Player plays in a raked hand and earns 2 Benefit Points. He will also earn 2 Player Points. A Grinder playing in the same game will also collect 2 Benefit Points. Here is where it gets interesting. Instead of earning 2 Award Points, he will earn 4 of them. That is because for every one Benefit Point the Grinder earned, he will receive two Award Points. In this scenario, 2 x 2 = 4.

How does this translate to tournaments? In tourneys, you will earn 5.5 BPs for every $1 in fee paid. So if a Veteran plays in a $50+5 tournament, he will earn 27.5 Benefit Points ($5 in tournament fees multiplied by 5.5; 5 x 5.5 = 27.5 PPs). Since the Veteran gets 2.5 Award Points per Benefit Point, he will earn 68.75 Award Points, while a Player Level player will receive 27.5 PPs for the same tournament.

You Can Monitor Your Elite Status Level in the Lobby

In order to see the amount of BPs you have earned along with your monthly progress on achieving the level of your choosing, simply click on the ‘Rewards Tab’ in the main lobby of the poker client.

All this information is updated in real time and you’ll be able to keep an eye on how you’re doing in order to help you evaluate the volume of hands you need to play in order to maintain or achieve a higher status.

Your player point balance will also be displayed in the ‘Rewards’ area.

Player Points Expire Only Should You Let Them

Provided that you earn at least one player point in a calendar year your player points will never expire. It’s as simple as logging in one day and playing one hand a ring game or one tournament. Do this, and your player points will always be yours. Should you fail to earn one player point in a calendar year your points will be set to expire on December 31st of that year.


Player Restrictions

BlackChip Poker is proud to open its doors to players on every continent, including USA players.

However, as of May 14, 2014, The Winning Poker Network no longer accepts players from New Jersey, Delaware or Nevada.



BlackChip Poker customer service is structured so that you can contact them 24/7 - day or night – when you have a question, and receive an immediate response.

BlackChip also has an FAQ available which offers answers to questions that commonly arise.

If you do not find the answer you are looking for in the FAQ section, you can contact BlackChip customer service representatives at your convenience. Live chat with a customer service agent any time you need assistance.


Game Features

BlackChip Poker is proud to offer a diverse amount of tournaments for its players including:

  • Sit & Go

  • Re-buy Tournaments

  • Final Table Experience

  • Bounty Tournaments

  • Sit & Go Satellite Tournaments

  • Time Based Tournaments

  • Hand Based Tournaments

  • Multi Table Tournaments

  • Re-entry Tournaments


Software Features

With BlackChip Poker, your personal information is never shared with a third party. Furthermore, they have a 24-hours-a-day, 7-days-a-week security team that vigilantly guards your money and your information.

Every table at BlackChip Poker is closely watched by a team of security professionals trained to identify collusion or partnerships between players.

BlackChip have the ability to review each and every online poker hand played in the event we detect unusual patterns. They are unyielding in their vigilance about seating players who share the same IP address at different tables and also make sure the identity of every real-money player is verified.

The Winning Poker Network network has been the industry vanguard for safety and security for 12 years.